Why Mastering with an Engineer is Better

With today’s world of almost everything being done online, mastering has evolved from attended mastering sessions to online mastering services. Online mastering services give the service a touch of technology where communication and record transfer is done through online.

Online mastering has two methods. First is online mastering that is still processed by a studio engineer. A professional is there to listen and make any necessary adjustment to the audio file to create a better sounding record. This service is offered more in both attended and online mastering sessions. But with technology, the second method has been born. With all intentions that technology has been anchored on, ease and efficiency are the primary ones. This is the reason for our second method which is an automated online mastering service.

Automated online mastering service is also starting to join the online services under the music industry. It is being sought for due to the efficiency it provides, the savings on cost and the control over the output. But there are certain things that cannot be replaced when mastering with an engineer. Here are a few of those reasons.

  1. An Engineer is a Professional on Mastering

You will always have to consider that an engineer is a master of his craft. He is a professional in mixing and mastering sounds and records as you are a professional in creating sounds. They are focused on mastering which allows them to develop skills on mastering far better than others. We should never forget that a person who consistently does something becomes better at it each time. Engineers who master everyday are definitely better than those who master occasionally. (read more here: https://studios301.com/)

  1. An Engineer can Make Judgements or Decisions

An engineer is a human being who can make decisions based on experience that can appeal to a listener’s emotions. Unlike any other artificial intelligence, an engineer can decide based on feel. Music is all about feelings and emotions. Automated online mastering may have those technical concerns be applied but it will never be able to create a masterpiece based on emotions. And a recording success definitely comes from an appeal to emotions.

  1. An Engineer has Signature Techniques

A work of an engineer may vary even if the same recording is supplied. An engineer makes use of his judgment to identify which the best sound should be applied. The “best sound” comprises of an engineer’s touch on the musical masterpiece you have provided. An engineer can decide appropriate actions that can be done to the recording that may only be attributed to that engineer. Its engineer has a work that is embedded to the recording and will always remain a signature.

  1. An Engineer Creates a Masterpiece from Emotions

Our main intention when we decide to share our music to everyone is to let them know our feelings writing or performing that song. Getting our records done by an automated online mastering often removes the emotion from the masterpiece. An engineer not only shares these emotions but has the power to amplify these by adding his own. This is also one of the reasons why it is very critical to choose an engineer you can work with.